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About the EP

       I began composing 'Finite' in the summer of 2015 after a concept crept into my head: compose an EP with only four instruments. I knew I had access to a massively skillful violinist (Sophia) and I was also heavily inspired to write whatever outlandish figures my heart desired after meeting Cameron earlier that summer, knowing he could perform them; I also had a highly competent talent in Patrick to help implement synth patches/designs that were unique and spoke strongly. With these resources at my disposal - and with a desire to compose sans guitar for the hell of it - I went to work.

       Combining some back material with new material (including an old demo written by Zack Ordway), along with some quotes from previous (and future) releases, 'Finite' ended up being a bit of a tie-in to the 'Projects' series but certainly not a sequel. The title is, of course, a reference to my initial concept. It really doesn't stray from the formula unless you count the viola Sophia had to use to bring some of the string arrangements to life, hehe.

       Anyway, I recorded the drums in April of 2016 and sent them to my friend/associate Justin Bonfini for editing and (light) sample blending. Patrick then worked up some amazing synth patches, and Sophia and Cam tracked their parts in November. After initially offering to mix the bass, Patrick offered to mix everything, citing a desire to work with strings in such a context. I'm certainly glad he did, I'm utterly dubious in thinking it could've turned out any better.


1. Cascade
2. Whitman's Challenge
3. How to Breathe Rarefied Air
4. Grimoire
5. Good Night, Future Boy!
6. Extirpate

 · Travis Orbin - Drum set, Percussion
 · Sophia Uddin - Violin, Viola
 · Cameron McLellan - Bass
 · Music composed by Travis Orbin, except 2 cowritten by Zack Ordway
 · Additional string arrangements on 1-5 by Sophia Uddin
 · Additional bass guitar arrangements on 1-6 by Cameron McLellan
 · Synth Production by Patrick Campbell
 · Screams on 6 by Taryn Mazza
 · Produced by Travis Orbin
 · Drums and percussion engineered by Travis Orbin of Woodshed Studios
 · Drum editing by Justin Bonfini, except 6 by Travis Orbin
 · Drum mixing by Justin Bonfini
 · Strings engineered by Gabriel Riccio at his home studio
 · Bass engineered by Anthony Kalabretta
 · Bass re-amping by Patrick Campbell
 · Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Campbell of Epilog Sound
 · Cover art by Travis Orbin

       Thank you to my fans, friends, associates, and family; especially my parents for their support and my neighbors for putting up with all of the racket. Also, thank you to my endorsements: Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo drumheads, Vic Firth drumsticks, Vratim drum shoes, the Hi-Hat Razer, and E-Pad! Practice Pads.


Finite Gear List:

All songs:
· 12"/16" Reference Pure tom-toms with Remo Vintage Emperor clear batters/Emperor clear resonants
· 5"x14" Sensitone maple snare drum with Controlled Sound X batter/Ambassador Hazy snare side
· 20" Reference Pure bass drum with Remo Powerstroke III coated batter/Ebony Powerstroke III ported resonant

Cymbals (from left to right, player's perspective):
· "Cascade" - 20" K Heavy Ride, 19" K Custom Hybrid Crash, custom hats (14" K Constantinople bottom (top) / 14" K Custom High Definition bottom (bottom)), regular 'stack' (14" A Custom EFX / 16" FX Oriental China "Trash"), 13" A Custom Mastersound Hi-hats, 17" K Custom Hybrid Crash, 19" K China
· "Whitman's Challenge" - same as "Cascade", also with a small 'stack' (8" FX Trashformer / 10" A Custom EFX)
· "How to Breathe Rarefied Air" - same as "Cascade", but with an 8" A Custom Splash in place of the regular 'stack'
· "Grimoire" - same as "Cascade", but with an 11" FX Oriental "Trash" Splash in place of the regular 'stack'
· "Good Night, Future Boy!" - same as "How to Breathe Rarefied Air", also with the small 'stack'
· "Extirpate" - same as "Grimoire"

· Vic Firth SRH2/Hammers

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