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-I am pleased to announce that I officially endorse RTOM Accessories! I've used MoonGels for geez, I dunno, two decades or thereabouts? Sometimes the simplest tools are the most essential, and this is no exception. Their pronounced effect is indelible in all of my recordings. Stick 'em on resonant heads, cymbals, even your glasses for more articulation! Side note, I had no idea that they made these in a clear variety. Slick!



-Darkest Hour has a handful of upcoming gigs before the end of the year, including one in Mexico for which I am anticipatory (I've never been)! Click here and here for more information.



-'Finite II', my fifth solo EP/sixth release, is now available to stream/purchase via Bandcamp. Physical copies are available here. You may stream/purchase it on iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify as well. Finally, as per usual, the EP is posted in its entirety here via drum tracking vids. About the EP, credits, etc. may be gleaned from either the video description or Bandcamp. Thank you all for your potential support, it will go towards making the next release a reality!

This project is supported, in part, by a grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts, a state agency, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. The Division promotes Delaware arts events on www.DelawareScene.com.



-I am beyond honored to be the subject of Adam Beattie's newest 'drumstick painting'! I've been following him on IG for several months and am always looking forward to his next creation. He's very skilled at what he does and is adept at several mediums. Give his work a gander. Thank you, Adam!



-Prog/metal stalwarts Dyed In Grey have released their second full-length, entitled 'Anguish and Ardor'. I played drums on all of the tunes; tracking videos are forthcoming. Jam it here!



-The May 2018 issue of Modern Drummer contains my fourth interview/feature as part of their ongoing 'Off the Record' column. This three-page spread is also comprised of several transcriptions from my album 'Silly String II'. Thanks to Austin Burcham for the great write-up and transcriptions! He's a killer player himself who also has a fantastic series on YT entitled 'Study the Greats.' An additional thank-you to both Mike Dawson and Mike Johnston for their kind and flattering words on the Modern Drummer Podcast (#138). Between this and Virgil Donati's accolades towards my playing, I'm dubious as to whether my head will continue to fit through doors. Finally, thanks to my mom for grabbing a few copies, as I had zero luck tracking it down while in Europe.



-While I normally reserve this section of my site for especially pertinent/critical information and press releases, I just had to share this. Recently, the inimitable, monolithic talent that is Virgil Donati posted on his website about three impressive, hard-working drummers that are contributing to our craft; I was mentioned on this short list. It was highly gracious of him to do this and in such an archival format, as opposed to the breakneck pace that is social media. Virgil is my all-time, gun-to-the-head-you've-gotta-choose favorite drummer, and he's been a boundless wellspring of inspiration to me for two decades. I'll always put the brakes on to see what he's up to, and I can't accurately describe how it feels to know that that sentiment is—at least somewhat—shared. Head to his website to see for yourself. And for posterity, here are some screenshots: #1 #2



-I recently contributed to The Drum Shuffle podcast. Kinda stumbled through one question but overall it's a good one. Thanks for having me, Jamie. Check it here.



-Darkest Hour is also going back overseas for another European tour! It'll be my first time playing Portugal and Ireland. Click here for more info.



-Darkest Hour is doing a brief run of dates in mid/late February. Click here for more info.



-'Silly String II', my debut full-length album, is now available to stream/purchase via Bandcamp. Physical copies are also available here. I posted a dual video featuring the tracking sessions for the first two tunes here, and will continue to post every five days until the album is up in its entirety in this manner. About the album, credits, etc. may be gleaned from here. From initial compositional conception to the final execution, this album has been quite a journey for me. I poured my life--and my life's savings, to be frank--into this, so your support goes further than ever. Thank you!



-I'm pleased to be the first interview feature for Champ's Music! Click here.



-My band is headed back out on the road one last time before the end of the year for another tour in support of 'Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora'. Click here for more information.



-I contributed an interview to the Carl King Podcast. It was big fun! Click here or here.



-My band is headed out yet again to tour in support of our new record. This time it's a brief jaunt down to Florida and back. Head to our Facebook page here for more info.



-Carl King's LP 'Grand Architects of the Universe' is now available. You can listen to an album sampler here, and may head here to pick up a copy. I made a more personalized post on my Instagram here.



-My band's ninth record--my second with them as a collective--was released today via Southern Lord records. Head here to pick up a digital copy from iTunes or here for more options.



- Now for sale are two new products. Firstly, a sample library that is a collaboration with Justin Bonfini. It features the actual samples utilized on my third solo EP, 'Projects II' (without Justin's further processing). There are well over 100 hits in various dynamics. Click here for a promotional video and here to purchase the library (scroll down past the others).

- Secondly, a new t-shirt design! This is based on the art that comprised my second solo EP, 'Silly String'. Click here to check it out (again, scroll down). Also, here is a promotional Instagram post. Thank you all for your potential support!



- I contributed an interview to the 'Darkest Hour Radio' podcast, which is a component of our ongoing marketing campaign/rollout of our forthcoming record. You may listen via iTunes here.



- Barricades At Night just released their LP 'VOIDS', available to purchase here. I tracked all of the session drums and percussion on this fantastic rock record. I hope you enjoy!



-'Finite', my fourth solo EP, is now available to stream/purchase via Bandcamp. I also posted it in its entirety here. About the EP, credits, etc. may be gleaned from either the video description or Bandcamp. Thank you all for your potential support, it will go towards making the next release a reality!



-My band Darkest Hour just issued a press release regarding our upcoming album and subsequent tour. Click here and here for more information.



-I'm delighted to announce two new endorsements: Vratim drum shoes and the Hi-hat Razer product. You can read more about this by clicking here.



-Darkest Hour is doing a short run of dates with Mutoid Man and GWAR. Click here for more information.

-Additionally, I contributed an interview to the 'Drummers I Like' podcast. Click here to check it out.

-Finally, I don't announce many sessions until release day but I'm especially excited about doing this album, as I've followed and admired Carl King for over a decade. Please contribute if you're so inclined. Thank you!



-'Projects II', my third solo EP, is now available to stream/purchase via Bandcamp. I also posted it in its entirety here. About the EP, credits, etc. may be gleaned from either the video description or Bandcamp. Thank you all for your potential support, it will go towards making the next release a reality!



-This screencap was taken shortly after our crowdfunding campaign came to an illustrious end. When I joined Darkest Hour three years ago I figured they possessed a rather rabid fan base, and after several tours I had observed enough to verify my hunch. That being said, I had zero expectations for this undertaking and I still managed to have my lid blown. The five of us are overwhelmed by the support of our fans and obviously indebted to you all. We're working hard to ensure that the first-ever independent DH record will fulfill said debt. Thank you!



-Darkest Hour is playing some more dates in some rather unexpected areas of the world. The band's second appearance on Alaskan turf is transpiring in May and in April we're playing Jakarta for the first time ever. Click here and here for more information. Thanks!



-My band Darkest Hour is exploring a 'crowdfunding' approach to facilitate a completely independent release for our next record; it'll be the first of its kind! If you dig what we do and wish to contribute, please click here. Moreover, we're doing more gigs in support of our 20th anniversary tour - an 'encore' edition, if you will, with a string of dates in Texas. Cheers for your support!



- Cartoon Theory has released their debut full-length on which I performed all session drums and percussion. This is a very colorful, refreshing listen and especially gratifying for me to see a proper release, seeing as I've worked on and off with Maxime since 2010. What an honor! Head here to purchase a digital or physical copy.



-Darkest Hour is again playing a few dates as part of our ongoing 20th anniversary tour. However, these gigs in particular are transpiring in South Africa of all places; a destination in which the band--and certainly myself--has never performed! Here's a flier of the dates. Cheers to anyone in attendance!



-Intervals, an instrumental band, just released their full-length album 'The Shape of Colour' in which I performed all of the session drums and percussion. You can pick it up via Bandcamp here or iTunes here, and if you'd like to know more about the band click here.



-The January 2016 issue of Modern Drummer will contain my third interview/feature as part of their ongoing 'Catching up with...' column. It was delightful speaking to Ken Micallef--probably my favorite MD staff writer--on the phone, for he conducted my first interview back in 2012. Heady felicitations are also in order to MD for a massively influential 40 years in the business; I know my playing and recreational listening wouldn't be the same without it. Thank you!



-My band Darkest Hour is embarking on the second leg of our 20th anniversary tour. We are again performing 'Undoing Ruin' in its entirety along with other choice selections. Click here for dates.



-'Silly String', my second solo EP, is now available to stream/purchase via Bandcamp. I also posted it in its entirety here. About the EP, credits, etc. may be gleaned from either the video description or Bandcamp. Thank you all for your potential support, it will go towards making the next release a reality!



-To celebrate and supplement my band's 20th anniversary tour, there are a few contests taking place. Click here and here. Lastly, I contributed a blog post to Modern Drummer detailing the events leading up to my joining Darkest Hour. You may view that here.



-I'm overjoyed to announce that I am a part of the Remo artist roster. I've played Remo ever since I started and consider them to be the apex of drumhead quality and sound; you've never seen a non-Remo head in my videos, and for that there is a plausible reason. Onward!



-I've said it before, but irrespective of whether it's an ad, interview, reader's poll, etc. the thrill of seeing my name in Modern Drummer won't ever degrade. Felicitations to Mr. Sucherman and everyone else in this poll; there's scads of talent. Also, a gargantuan thank you to everyone that voted for me.



-Amidst the Withering, a symphonic black/doom metal band, just released their full-length album 'The Dying of the Light' in which I performed all of the session drums. You can pick it up via Amazon here, and if you'd like to know more about the project click here.



-I'm hitting the road again with my band Darkest Hour to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a collective. We will be playing a fan-favorite record, 'Undoing Ruin', in its entirety as a sort of 'mini celebration' as it was released ten years ago. Head to 'tour dates' on our Facebook page for more information.



-Darkest Hour is soon to embark on two tours in further support of our latest self-titled effort. The first is a short co-headlining run with Unearth, starting in Canada and continuing southbound. The second is a full European tour as support for Machine Head and Devil You Know. Head to 'tour dates' on our Facebook page for more information.



-'Projects', my first solo EP, is now available to stream/purchase via Bandcamp. I also posted it in its entirety here. About the EP, credits, etc. may be gleaned from either the video description or Bandcamp. Thank you all for your potential support, it will go towards making the next release a reality!



-It's been a long journey--from the first pre-production session in March 2012 to now--but I'm quite elated to say that the new Darkest Hour record has been officially released. If you enjoy the music, please consider purchasing it. Cheers! Darkest Hour (iTunes)

Also, you can view the official video for "The Misery We Make" here.



-Three new Darkest Hour songs have been released in a variety of ways to showcase/promote our upcoming record. Click here: " Wasteland," " Rapture in Exile," and " By the Starlight" to listen/view the tunes/videos. The record will see a release on August 5th via Sumerian Records. Click here to pre-order it. Finally, we're currently on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, so come on out and rock with us!



- I contributed an interview to the 'Give the Drummer Some' Podcast. Head here to listen, or you can download it for free via iTunes.



- Vic Firth posted a '15 seconds with...' on their Instagram page featuring yours truly. Peep it here .



- This is crazy; #2 metal drummer in the 2014 Modern Drummer Readers Poll (beaten by my former employer, hehe). Thanks so much to everyone that voted!



-I am now an official Vic Firth artist! I've been playing Ralph Hardimon Hammers (SRH2) for years, and I also love their jazz brushes when I'm feelin' saucy, hehe. Thank you to everyone at Vic Firth!



-Darkest Hour is doing a short east coast run with All That Remains and Wilson next month. Click here for dates. Thanks to anyone who comes out!



-I am beyond excited and elated to announce that I'm now a Zildjian Cymbals artist. You can peep all my new pies on the updated equipment lists. New videos showcasing my Zs are coming soon!



-I am appearing in the April 2014 edition of Modern Drummer--on newsstands March 4th--with a slightly larger feature/interview than my May 2012 debut. Seeing my name amongst other talented folks in the pages of drum set history is a feeling that will never become commonplace for me. Thanks to Ben Meyer for the great interview!



-It is to my utter surprise that I just discovered I am an option under 'best metal drummer' in the 2014 Modern Drummer Readers Poll. What an honor! Click here to cast your vote.



-I Am King's 'ONEHUNDRED' sees an official release today via Velocity/Rise Records. I played on 7/10 tracks (more info on my 'sessions' page). Head to their Facebook for more information.



-'Divided', a side project that I did with my friend Jacob Belcher, is now available for purchase via our Bandcamp. You may also view the first two drum tracking videos as well as a deeper explanation of how it all came together here. Thank you all for your potential support!



-Nick Johnston's second full-length album 'In a Locked Room on the Moon' is now available! I performed all the drums and percussion. Nick's idiosyncratic blend of powerful, soaring, and oftentimes even cinematic and whimsical melodic songwriting is in place and better than ever on this instrumental guitar-driven record. Head here for more information.



-I have two announcements: Firstly, Dyed In Grey's debut full-length is finally out! Head here to pick it up. 'The Abandoned Part' is a fresh, unique take on prog/metal and I'm proud of my contribution.

-Secondly, my band Darkest Hour will be partaking in the 'Disarm the Descent' tour with headliners Killswitch Engage. If you'd like to view the tour itinerary, please click here to be taken to KSE's Facebook page.



-My new single "Watchpork" is now available for purchase! Click here to view the drum tracking video and here for purchase information. The video also acts as an announcement for a dual EP release, so please take a gander. Thank you for your time and potential support!



-I'm very pleased to finally announce that I am the new drummer for Darkest Hour ! I've been jamming and writing the new record with the guys for over a year. It's been especially rewarding in that everything was composed in a room together, a wholly organic process that I haven't experienced in a long while. I'm excited about the tunes, signing on as a full-time member, and can't wait to hit the road!



-I'm a tad late on this, but The Gabriel Construct's full-length debut Interior City is now available in digital form! CD hard copies are coming soon. Please head to the Bandcamp and/or the official website for more information. It's one of my very favorite sessions!



-I'm playing three gigs with Darkest Hour in the month of March. More info can be found here.



-The Orbinator/Edgemont drum sample library is available now! Check out the promo video for relevant info, and head here. Thanks!



-I'm doing a live/streamed performance on Drum Channel the 22nd of this month. Thanks so much to Don Lombardi, Cobus Potgieter, Thomas Pridgen and Tony Royster Jr. for helping to make this possible! Also, a special thank you to my most excellent webmaster for dealing with logistics for the trip.



-I've been hired for a second tour with Crown Jewel Defense. You may purchase tickets to the shows here. I am beyond excited and anticipatory to perform overseas and to once again beat the living daylights out of the drums for the guys!



-All of my previously available isolated drum take videos are now able to be purchased as .m4v digital downloads from my web store. Check out the latest promo clip here. Your support is thoroughly appreciated!



-I am featured in the 'Portraits' section of the May issue of Modern Drummer, which is currently on newsstands! I'm incredibly honored, as being in MD has been a small dream of mine since I began ardently reading it back in '95. MD was like the cooler older brother/sister I never had, that turned me onto countless good music and incredible musicians. A massive thank you to Adam Budofsky and Ken Micallef, of course, for the very flattering write-up/interview.



-I recently read a DIY-style e-book about home recording called "The Hackers Guide to Drum Recording", by Mike Gilliland. I think it's a fantastic resource for both amateur and budding engineers. There's a surplus of practical information up for grabs, and at a reasonable price. Please click here to check it out.



-Nick Johnston's 'Public Display Of Infection' will be reviewed in the upcoming April issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine. Very cool!



-I've been booked for a three week run with Crown Jewel Defense , opening for The Darkness. Many thanks to my crony and past SEA associate Lee Duck for facilitating the opportunity, and to CJD for trusting me to knock it out!



-I'm a bit late on this, but Us & Them's debut full-length is out. You can pick it up on iTunes or from their Big Cartel store here. This is an energetic, hook-laden pop/rock album with nine tracks of potent drummin' from yours truly!



-I contributed an interview for a new blog called Drumazine. Click here. It's also been archived here.



-I'm now on Pearl's website under their artist roster; click here or on the Pearl logo above to view it. It's a bit surreal seeing me on there! A massive thank you to my webmaster for composing the bulk of my bio, as I'm loathe to talk about myself in such a context!



-I am extremely elated to announce that I now endorse Pearl Drums, my favorite drum company since I began playing! Equipment specs are featured here. I've been doing sessions with my new drums and they sound exceptional, as optimum as a drum set can sound. I also plan on doing a video to showcase the versatility of my Reference Pure kit when I've an opening in my schedule. I'll be added to the artist roster on the Pearl website very soon!

-Nick Johnston's album is now available on iTunes, CDBaby and his personal website here. It's the first full-length completed out of my home studio.



-I'll be featured on a tune for bass virtuoso Ray Riendeau's (James LaBrie, ex-Halford) new solo project titled Star Monarchy. (Click here.)

-Tons of sessions! I'm booking into the new year.

-New lessons are coming very soon.



-My tune "Project 15" is for sale. Click here to purchase an MP3 copy. Thank you for your support!



-New Lamb Of God drum transcription book available! Click here to see both texts.

-Also, Bibliography page added here.


-New(er) Of Legends tour opening for Bring Me The Horizon!! Click here for dates. Our run is from Aug 31st - Sept 17th.

-Lessons now available for online download! Please visit my BigCartel store (link above).

-Added content to "The Definitive Recording Guide: For Drummers By Drummers" here.


-New Of Legends tour! Click here for dates.

-Student testimonials page added here.


-Please check this out:

The Definitive Recording Guide:
For Drummers By Drummers

It's looking more than promising in its content and purpose. I contributed a few responses, which I've included in a blog.

Check the blog here.

Also, be sure to pick up this fantastic text upon release!


-Isolated drum takes w/ video now on sale in my store!
 Click here for the promotional video.

-New isolated take from Nick Johnston session added:
 Check it on my equipment list page


-Posters are now for sale in my web store!


-Of Legends 'Stranded' is released (physical copies)!
 Pick yours up at our BigCartel Of Legends Store.
 ...Or, get a digital copy on iTunes!

Current sessions/projects:
-(finishing) Pete Peterson, Simbelmyne
-(starting) Nick Johnston Band
-(finishing) Lamb Of God drum transcription books

-Of Legends - First official video released today!
 " Save the Humans"

Current sessions/projects:

-Pete Peterson
-Dyed In Grey
-Nick Johnston Band
  Nick's ReverbNation.com page

-Lamb Of God drum transcription books

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-Of Legends (Feb-Mar)
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