'Silly String III'

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About the record:

The undertaking of this record was inspired by a confluence of events. There was the plain-and-simple condition of feeling stimulated and inspired, coupled with a back catalog of bass riffs, along with my wont of outclassing previous efforts and concluding an established series of releases. I had the opportunity to again work with most of the personnel from Projects III, as well as access to Gabriele, who upon wrapping on our previous session (for the self-titled record), remarked, “Maybe a little more chart next time?” Well, he got his wish! Finally, after many years of being fond of the sound of hammered dulcimer, I had purchased the compact, Persian rendition of this instrument: the santoor/santur.



1. The End of Everything
2. Cachinnating Fulgurations
3. Lunacy
4. Knotted Saccade
5. Sine Qua Non of Inscrutability
6. Parvenu
7. My Umbra
8. The End of Anything

 · Travis Orbin - Drum set, Percussion,
   Bass, Santoor, Synthesizer, Theremin,
   Programming, Vocals
 · Rafael Trujillo - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar on 7
 · Pete Peterson - Guitar Solo on 6
 · Alexander von Hagke - Saxophone on 1, 3, 5, 7
 · Sophia Uddin - 7-String Electric Violin on 1, 5, 7
 · Gabriele Balsamo - Marimba on 1, 5, 7, 8
 · Sinha Fürbeck - Vocals on 3, 5, 7
 · Gabriel Riccio - Guest Vocals on 1
 · Sacha Mullin - Guest Vocals on 5
 · Tomas Perez - Guest Vocals on 6
 · 7-string electric violin engineered by
   Gabriel Riccio at his home studio
 · Sacha Mullin’s guest vocal engineered by
   Gabriel Riccio at his home studio
 · Vocal editing on 1 by Gabriel Riccio
 · Piano VST Production on 3 by Gabriel Riccio
 · Everyone else self-engineered at their
   respective home studios
 · Guest vocal arrangement on 1 by Gabriel Riccio
 · Guitar solo on 6 by Pete Peterson
 · Saxophone solo on 7 by Alexander von Hagke
 · Marimba solo on 8 by Gabriele Balsamo
 · Spoken word on 8 by Anusha Salimi
 · Composed, Produced, and Mixed by Travis Orbin
 · Lyrics by Travis Orbin
 · Mastered by Taylor Larson at MixWave Studios
 · Cover Art by Violetta Váradi

Thank you to my fans, friends, associates, and family; especially my mother for her perpetual support and my neighbors for putting up with all of the racket. Also, thank you to my endorsements: Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo drumheads, Vic Firth drumsticks, RTOM drum accessories, Vratim drum shoes, and E-Pad! Practice Pads.

Cover Art Construction

I had planned to commission Violetta again, after having such an easy, delightful experience working together on Projects III. This time around, rather than MP3s of the MIDI demos, I actually had some early mixes with which to inspire her. In my initial e-mail, along with these mixes+the lyrics, I sent the art for all three previous ‘Silly String’ releases—with a caveat to allow for it to “inspire” her but not “influence”—along with some buzz-words: zany, absurd, surreal, abstract, psychedelic, and ostentatious. Violetta picked up on the subtle environmentalism theme, and delivered a large handful of digital works, as she did with PIII. I quite enjoy this method, as it has a parallel to my own when doing session work for bands: deliver a simulacrum of the finished product, then get cracking on the ideal rendition. Violetta’s digital works were so great that I commissioned two pieces, one for the front cover and another for the back. As before, she also shipped them from Hungary, arriving safe and sound. Consummate!


Silly String III Gear List:

“The End of Everything”
· 12”/16” Pearl Reference Pure tom-toms with Vintage Emperor coated batters/Emperor clear resonants
· 6.5”x14” Reference brass snare drum with Controlled Sound X/Ambassador Hazy snare side
· 20” Reference Pure bass drum with Powerstroke III coated batter/Ebony Powerstroke III ported resonant
· Cymbals (from left to right, player’s perspective):
20” K Heavy Ride, 19” K Dark Thin Crash, custom hats (14” K Constantinople bottom (top) / 14” K Custom High Definition Bottom (bottom), 8” A Custom Splash, small ‘stack’ (8” FX Trashformer / 10” A Custom EFX), 13” A New Beat Hi-hats, 19” K Custom Hybrid Crash, 18” K Custom Special Dry China, 19” K China
“Cachinnating Fulgurations”
· same setup as “The End of Everything,” except with a regular ‘stack’ (14” A Custom EFX / 16” Oriental China “Trash”) in place of the 8” A Custom Splash
· same setup as “The End of Everything,” except with an 11” FX Oriental “Trash” Splash in place of the 8” A Custom, and an 8” A Custom Splash in place of the small ‘stack’
“Knotted Saccade”
· same setup as “Lunacy,” except with a 20” K Custom Flat Ride in place of the 20” K Heavy, and an 18” K Dark Thin Crash in place of the 19” K Custom Hybrid, 15” K Light Hi-hats in place of the custom hats, and a 6.5”x14” Sensitone brass snare in place of the Reference brass; bass drum is played with a VicKick fleece-covered beater
“Sine Qua Non of Inscrutability”
· same setup as “The End of Everything,” except with a 6” A Custom Splash in place of the small ‘stack’
· same setup as “Cachinnating Fulgurations”
“My Umbra”
· same setup as “Knotted Saccade,” except with a 22” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride in place of the 20” K Custom
“The End of Anything”
(first appearance of drums)
· same setup as “Sine Qua Non of Inscrutability”
(middle/improvised solo section)
· same setup as “Knotted Saccade,” except with a 20” K Heavy Ride in place of the 20” K Custom Flat, no small effects cymbals or 13” hats, a 22” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride in place of the 18” K Dark Thin Crash, the 18” K Dark Thin Crash in place of the 18” K Custom China, and a 4”x14” maple piccolo snare in place of the Sensitone
· same setup as “Knotted Saccade”; bass drum played with regular beaters

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