Orbinator Lessons

   In late 2010, I began offering video lessons. I started with what I believe to be highly fundamental information and plan on delving into more 'specific' lessons as my schedule allows. I have also commenced a series called "H2P" (How To Play), which targets certain grooves / licks / patterns / etc. within songs that I've performed.

   If you are interested in purchasing any of the lessons, please click here to be directed to my web store. I accept both PayPal and money orders.

   Also, please be sure to read the video description for each clip, as it contains correlative information.

   In addition, I offer 'in-person' lessons both out of my studio in Selbyville, DE, my friend's studio in Bethesda, MD (when I've purpose to be there), and when on tour. Tour updates are posted in the news section; when not on tour, I'm usually between both studios so shoot me an e-mail at orbinator@gmail.com to book a lesson. Thank you!

   *Please click here to see the testimonials of students and friends who have benefited from my lessons.

Grip/Stroke Explanation, Grip Exercise Preview

Rehearsal Techniques, Practice Setup Explanation Preview

'Barehand'/'Barefoot' Practice Preview

Five Weekly Hands Exercises Preview

H2P - We Play The Part fill-ins

H2P - Andy Gruhin Pack #1 Preview

Polyrhythm Formula Preview

Stretching Routine

Hittin' Harder Preview

H2P - "The Walk" Preview

Creating A Custom Click/Tempo Map Preview

H2P - "Numbers" Preview

H2P - I Am King Pack #1 Preview

Subdivision Rate-Changing Exercise Preview

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