'Projects III'

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About the Album

       The impetus to make this record began crafting itself sometime in late 2019; I can’t remember when, exactly. Invariably, if I have a specific inspirational source for something (a riff, a song, an album, etc.), at some point I veer off and end up with something that’s usually quite disparate. I was chasing a ‘sound’: Allan Holdsworth’s ‘Wardenclyffe Tower’ record, specifically the song “Against the Clock”. If I could retain the soaring vocals and otherworldly guitar playing, but marry it with a modern edge and my own idiosyncrasies, well, wouldn’t that be interesting? I had both Rafael and Sinha at my disposal, and they can play and sing anything, so the limitation was only within my own imagination. I was even fortuitous enough to go on a European tour with my band not long after I had this epiphany and approached both Raf and Sinha in person with the idea, and they were happily on board. Of course, I’m not Allan Holdsworth. I don’t even play guitar, haha. But that exploration (starting with “Florid Celerity Toppled by Turbulence”) gathered momentum as it always does—whether naturally or through work ethic—and before I knew it voila: album #6!


1. Fantasist
2. Bleeding Resonance
3. Necropolis
4. Florid Celerity Toppled by Turbulence
5. Hell to All
6. Tryst
7. Moire Congeries
8. The Indomitable Hoi Polloi
9. Susurrant Plangency
10. Project 16

 · Travis Orbin - Drum set, Percussion, Synthesizer, Programming, Additional Vocals
 · Rafael Trujillo - Guitar
 · Cameron McLellan - Bass
 · Sinha Fürbeck - Vocals
 · Alexander von Hagke - Saxophone on 2, 6
 · Gabriel Riccio - Keyboards on 6
 · Graham Shaw - Additional Percussion on 1, 6
 · Lindsay O - Guest vocals on 8
 · Adam Edgemont - Guitar solo on 10
 · Music Composed by Travis Orbin
 · Sound Design by Travis Orbin
 · Guitar solo on 4 by Rafael Trujillo
 · Guitar solo on 10 by Adam Edgemont
 · Lyrics by Travis Orbin
 · Synth Production by Travis Orbin
 · Drums and percussion engineered, edited, and mixed by Travis Orbin of Woodshed Studios
 · Everyone else engineered themselves and recorded at their respective home studios
 · Bass Re-amped by Anthony DiGiacomo of Deep Resonance Studio
 · Produced by Travis Orbin
 · Mixed by Travis Orbin
 · Mastered by Taylor Larson
 · Cover Art by Violetta Váradi

       Thank you to my fans, friends, associates, and family; especially my parents for their perpetual support and my neighbors for putting up with all of the racket. Also, thank you to my endorsements: Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo drumheads, Vic Firth drumsticks, RTOM drum accessories, Vratim drum shoes, the Hi-Hat Razer, and E-Pad! Practice Pads.


Cover Art Construction:

I had known Violetta for a couple years prior to commissioning her to make the piece, which is oil paint on canvas with a little bit of digital manipulation. Without fail, she’d come to every gig in Budapest that my band played. At one gig (actually, on the aforementioned tour where I approached Raf and Sinha), after we played, she gifted us with this mural, beautiful painting that featured our faces and some of our album covers. After that, I found her on Instagram and perused more of her work. At one point, I considered hiring her for ‘Finite III’, but because I had a specific vision in mind I stuck to the ol’ DIY method. When I approached her about ‘Projects III’, I gave her some ‘buzz words’ (abstract, perhaps minimalist, ethereal) as well as the MIDI demos and off she went. I provided feedback and direction when necessary, but she conceptualized everything. She even shipped it to me when all was said and done! I think the piece optimally encapsulates the experience of listening to the record, and it speaks volumes about her ability to accomplish that with very little tangible inspiration/representation (the MIDI demos also did not include “Necropolis” or, of course, “Susurrant Plangency”).


Projects III Gear List:

· 12”/16” Reference Pure tom-toms with Remo Vintage Emperor clear batters/Emperor clear resonants
· 6.5”x14” Reference brass snare drum with Controlled Sound X/Ambassador Hazy snare side
· 20” Reference Pure bass drum with Powerstroke III coated batter/Ebony Powerstroke III ported resonant
Cymbals (from left to right, player’s perspective):
20" K Heavy Ride, 19" K Dark Thin Crash, custom hats (14" K Constantinople bottom (top) / 14" K Custom High Definition bottom (bottom)), 8” A Custom Splash, small ‘stack’ (8” FX Trashformer / 10” A Custom EFX), 13" A New Beat Hi-hats, 19" K Custom Hybrid Crash, 18" K Custom Special Dry China, large ‘stack’ (16” A China Boy High / 14” A Custom EFX)

“Bleeding Resonance”
· same setup as “Fantasist”

· same setup as “Fantasist”, except with a regular ‘stack’ (14” A Custom EFX / 16” FX Oriental China “Trash”) in place of the 8” A Custom Splash, and a 19” K China in place of the large ‘stack’

“Florid Celerity Toppled by Turbulence”
· same setup as “Necropolis”

“Hell to All”
· same setup as “Necropolis”

· same setup as “Necropolis”, except with a 6.5”x14” Sensitone brass snare in place of the Reference brass
Cymbals (from left to right, player’s perspective):
20" K Heavy Ride, 19" K Dark Thin Crash, 15” K Light Hi-Hats, 11” FX Oriental “Trash” Splash, 8” A Custom Splash, 13" A New Beat Hi-hats, 18” K Dark Thin Crash, 18" K Custom Special Dry China, 19” K China

“Moire Congeries”
· same setup as “Necropolis”, except with a 6.5”x14” Sensitone brass snare in place of the Reference brass, and an 8” A Custom Splash in place of the small ‘stack’

“The Indomitable Hoi Polio”
· same setup as “Moire Congeries”, except with the Reference brass snare in place of the Sensitone brass

“Project 16”
· same setup as “Fantasist”, except with a 6” A Custom Splash in place of the small ‘stack’, a 22” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride in place of the 19” K Custom Hybrid Crash, a 19” K China in place of the 18” K Custom Special Dry China, and no large ‘stack’

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