'For Further Posterity'

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About the record:

For Further Posterity is a remastered collection of my first three solo EPs. Previously, these works were only available in the digital/streaming realm. Not merely a reissue, the record contains two original segue pieces between each EP, as well as supplemental essays describing the making of each EP, totaling nearly 5k words. For the purpose of exclusivity, these essays are only available to read in the CD liner notes.


1. Project 15
2. Safari
3. Vice
4. Ellis Alley
5. Zombie Tyrant
6. Greasy Mustache
7. The Noctivagant Lark Arises (Segue 1)
8. Lollygag (Clown Nose)
9. From Riches to Rags
10. Hold On
11. Big Dogs
12. Desensitization
13. Watchpork
14. The Man With the Furious Eyes (Segue 2)
15. Buttery Follicles
16. Roughhouse
17. Time’s Up
18. Demasify
19. Whaddya Want from Me?

The credits for each EP are the same as previously published.
For the Projects EP credits, head here.
For the Silly String EP credits, head here.
And for the Projects II EP credits, head here.

Additional For Further Posterity personnel:

 · 7 & 14 Composed, Produced, Engineered, Edited, and Mixed by Travis Orbin
 · Bass, Synthesizer, and Programming on 7 by Travis Orbin
 · Programming on 14 by Travis Orbin
 · For Further Posterity Mastered by Taylor Larson of MixWave Studios
 · Cover Art and CD Layout by Travis Orbin


Cover Art Construction

I was partially inspired by old Zappa reissues, some being simply B&W photos of him, or others austere ‘font-only’ cover titles. Combined with a drainage of inspiration and gusto as a result of having recently finished the Fall and Response cover art, I settled on a ‘selfie’ with the record title taped to my forehead, engaged in a rather stumped expression.

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