"Project 15"

       Believe it or not this was gonna go on the Periphery debut! Jake Bowen was working on putting together additional parts, since it's only one instrument aside from drum set. This one is incredibly technical. It begins with a drum set fill-in that's comprised of syncopated quintuplets. Its purpose is to prepare the listeners' ears for the main riff which is also comprised entirely of syncopated quintuplets. I came up with the rhythm for the main riff while at my side job. I'm always on autopilot and my mind tends to wander, so I usually try to sit down for about five minutes and notate either a neat rhythm or something for the drum set; be it a groove, fill-in, etc. Following this section is a riff that is very much built upon an odd time double bass groove that I wrote a few years ago. Then, there's some metric modulation and it's back to the main riff. Then, there's some more metric modulation -- albeit brief -- atop the main riff; I superimposed a six feel on top of the quintuplets. Following that, it's back to the verse riff with a different feel and then a transition riff into the bridge. The bridge is in 19-16 -- with a quarter note feel superimposed on top, of course -- and it is also based upon a pattern that I came up with years ago (although this one is much older than the verse groove). Following the bridge is the verse riff again, but with a 'shrink and grow' concept applied (see Mike Portnoy's "Liquid Drum Theater" DVD!). Another transition riff sees us back at the main riff for one last time. The ending is a gigantic metric modulation with an eight feel superimposed on top.

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