Official Statement

Originally posted on MySpace on February 21st, 2009:

   Being a part of Periphery was both exciting and musically fulfilling. However, I have sacrificed far too much over the years to make it happen; chalk it up to creative and personal differences.

   Moreover, I'd be a fool to pass up the SEA gig. I am a fan of the music, the guys have been nothing but genuine and accommodating and I would regret not taking such an opportunity. I am greatly anticipatory of being so thoroughly integrated into the creative process. Also, to hunker down in a professional studio to document an album in the conventional manner is something that I've sorely missed.

   I wish Periphery all the best and am willing to help their potential drummer, providing transcriptions, etc.

   Devotees of my drumming/musicianship need not to worry about an ounce of my talent possibly going uncultivated. I sincerely thank you for your support and please stay tuned, as my career has only begun.

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