...from people whose musicianship I respect and admire:

"I played alongside a number of great drummers on Carl King's latest album. Travis was an early member of my old message board and at one point, many years ago, Travis simply told the rest of us that he was leaving the board for a while to go practice. He didn't kid around. Travis has truly honed a unique, technically radical, progressive style, and his quirky, edgy compositions serve as the perfect platform for his amazing abilities."
-- Virgil Donati

"Travis Orbin is one of the few rock drummers I'd consider a virtuoso, belonging to the school of Virgil Donati and Thomas Lang. By that I mean: he has a mastery of physical execution -- paired with the mental discipline to understand and learn anything. Most players lack one or the other (or both). Travis can notate and read music like it's his first language. He has a strong focus on all details of his drum recording process and delivers beyond expectations. His 45-minutes of drum tracks for my odd-meter, constantly-tempo-changing, dynamically all-over-the-place stop-and-start album were flawless, down to the note. I couldn't believe it when I got his tracks, and still don't."
-- Carl King

"Travis is the embodiment of what happens when you take the Rhythm Knowledge concept to heart and stick to a disciplined practice method. TO is awesome!!"
-- Mike Mangini

"Travis is amazing! I hope he and I get to play together sometime."
-- Michael Manring

"Opening the door of the future of drumming; this guy is badass… seriously."
-- Thomas Pridgen

"Travis practices in the van, at the venue before and after our set, at the hotel before he sleeps and after waking up. He's insane. I've never known anyone with such dedication to music, to their instrument. It is truly an honor to play music with him. Plus, he's super ripped. He's like the Terminator."
-- Zack Ordway

"Mind blowing! Keep up the great work and push the limits of drumming... your name will be greatly heard of. All your hours spent practicing paid off!"
-- Peter Wildoer

"Travis Orbin is like having the program Superior Drummer 2.0 in your studio, only you don't have to program in MIDI; just push record."
-- Taylor Larson

"Travis makes me wonder what instrument I actually play. Travis embodies an entire new level of understanding, capability and dedication. I hope when I grow up I can play drums like Travis Orbin."
-- Chris Adler

"Very encouraging."
-- Pete Peterson

"He's so precise in his playing, and the stuff that he's playing... When he's in the studio, the sounds of his drums [are great] as well. He's a drummer that I enjoy watching."
-- Tony Royster, Jr.

"After working with Travis, it became evident that he is one of the most brillant and naturally talented musicians on the planet. My experience with him left me inspired and humbled (and a little turned on ;) ). Without a doubt, Travis is going to set the world of drumming on fire."
-- Nick Johnston

"Crazy. Ridiculous. Unbelievable. And that ambidextrous setup of his and [the way] he just switches between the two hands effortlessly... I seriously want to get him on the [Drum Channel] show. Unbelievable player."
-- Cobus Potgieter

"I've seen your stuff on YT and you're a brilliant drummer, amazing job there."
-- Eyal Amir

"The great and awesome Travis Orbin! [I'm] such a fan of yours, and I respect and support you."
-- Ramon Lamar Sampson

"Travis is easily one of the top 10 most impressive drummers I've ever seen. He manages to perfectly blend all of his influences to create a style that's completely and unmistakably his own. It would be criminal for talent like Travis' to not go renowned. I guarantee that within 8 years, he will be the next big name in drumming."
-- Casey Sabol

"Travis is the consummate professional musician with an unyielding passion and dedication for the drums. His parts are unique, original, and have always managed to elevate the tunes we've worked on to a much higher level. I'm thrilled to have worked with him on my solo projects and with Dyed in Grey. I am proud to call him both a friend and a musical hero/inspiration. I'm confident that I'll be seeking him out for musical projects for many years to come!"
-- Adam Edgemont

"He is very talented musician with hard working ethic. You don't find many people like Travis."
-- Hayato Imanishi

"To me, Travis Orbin represents a level of inspiration that I have never felt from any other drummer or musician. Even my own playing reflects some of that inspiration. Travis has mastered, and displays to absolute perfection, the core fundamentals of what modern drumming should be and with his help, what it will become. He is an artist true to his roots, perhaps the most disciplined person I know, and without any doubt the most technically proficient player I've ever met. Cheers T!"
-- Brandon C. Bateman

"I'm checking out your MIDI tunes... you're out of your mind."
-- Tosin Abasi

"Gee Travis... you have done stuff with my book that I haven't even done. Hey, you sound great. Look me up when you're in LA... I want a lesson."
-- Frank Briggs

"I've been fortunate to be in a band with Travis Orbin for quite some time. I have been witness to amazing linear technique and ambidexterity that is nothing short of uncanny. Travis sets a new standard in playing the drum set and will be copied by generations of new players; he is paving the way for a new breed of modern technical drummer."
-- Jake Bowen

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